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Social Media Marketing Calgary | Target Genius

Reclaim Your Brand's Online Presence with Target Genius

Master Of Digital Strategies and Social Media Marketing Services in Calgary

There is no need to search for social media marketing services near me anymore. We're your nearby experts, committed to driving your online success. Elevate your brand with Target Genius.

social media marketing calgary | Target Genius

Discover the dynamic difference with Target Genius, a leading social media marketing agency based in Calgary. Transform your business's online presence and unlock new growth opportunities.

As one of the foremost social media marketing companies, we specialize in helping businesses, big or small, to thrive in the digital world. Our compelling, tailored strategies are the heart of our social media marketing services for small businesses

Our Calgary Social Media Agency Offerings

Aiming for a Bullseye in Online Marketing? Here's The Target!

social media marketing agency Calgary | Target Genius

Social Media Management

Our digital agency services aren't cookie-cutter solutions for everyone. Each brand is unique and, therefore, deserves a tailored strategy. We craft the best digital marketing services that deliver impactful results, reinforcing our stance as one of Canada's top digital marketing agencies.

Social Media Marketing Agency

No matter where your audience meets you, they're in for a treat! Through elegant website design and web development in Canada, we create digital spaces that engage, delight, and convert customers.

social media agency in Calgary| Target Genius
social marketing agency Calgary | Target Genius

Paid Social Ads

Have you ever fancied delivering your brand message exactly when your audience is active? Our role as your social media management and marketing services team realizes this reality. Consider us an extension of your team, obsessively crafting engaging ads and steering campaigns based on data insights.

Social Media Marketing Service For Brand Awareness

Let us boost your brand's visibility and construct an unshakeable trust with your clients. As a top-tier influencer agency in Calgary, we develop bespoke strategies to amplify your voice and uphold your brand reputation.

Social media marketing | Target Genius Calgary
social media marketing Calgary | Target Genius

Facebook Marketing

Strategize your social media presence with a targeted Facebook marketing strategy. From eye-catching posts to compelling PPC ads, our team ensures you attract valuable leads. Broadcast your product launches and promotions with our diversified content array.

Instagram Marketing

Turn up the charm with captivating visuals on Instagram. As your social media marketing manager, we devise a data-backed strategy to connect you with your potential customers. Trust us to master the art of Instagram trends to keep your audience intrigued and engaged.

Instagram marketing Calgary | Target Genius
Twitter Marketing Calgary | Target Genius

Twitter Marketing

It sounds off on Twitter without missing a beat. As a preferred social media marketing manager in Calgary, we ensure your brand engages in meaningful conversations. With our savvy Twitter strategy, position your brand at the forefront of trending topics.

Linkedin Marketing

Take a step back and witness your LinkedIn game skyrocket under the expertise of our social media marketing manager. We facilitate crucial B2B connections, ensuring your visibility is exciting, and trust factor vouched for.

Linkedin marketing Calgary | Target Genius
Marketing Planning Calgary | Target Genius

Content Crafting

Expect more than just run-of-the-mill content. Our team of dab hands produces enticing copies that seamlessly flow with your overall content strategy. While our words woo your customers, they propel your growth goals concurrently. See, figuring out how to market your services on social media isn't so difficult.

Powerful Social Media Marketing with Target Genius Our Platform-Specific Support Services

structure-social-media-with-colored-icons-in- Calgary | target genius
hand-holding-smartphone-social-media-concept-calgary | Target Genius
hands-holding-smartphone-social-media-concept-calgary | Target Genius

Each social media platform requires a specific marketing approach in the digital era. As a leading social media marketing agency, we offer specialized platform-based marketing strategies tailored to your business needs.

Whether you're targeting millennials on Instagram or professionals on LinkedIn, our bespoke offerings ensure you connect with your desired demographic. Understanding the unique benefits of social media marketing, we capitalize on each platform's distinct features.


As a committed social media marketing service provider, our solutions don't just meet your expectations; they exceed them. Our reinvention of conventional methodologies positions your brand favorably in the crowded digital space.


The best part? Our affordability. We democratize the digital landscape by providing affordable social media marketing services. We want every business to experience the power of online growth, regardless of budget constraints.


Learning how to market your services on social media shouldn't be a chore; with us, it isn't. Our comprehensive social media marketing services seamlessly integrate into your business culture for maximum effectiveness.

hand-holding-smartphone-social-media-concept-calgary | Target Genius

Why Target Genius is your Go-To Media Agency?

Experienced Marketers with Winning Strategies!

Client Comes First - Always

Before starting a social media marketing strategy, we prioritize a powwow with clients to understand their aspirations, questions, hitches, and dreams. The reason? Your input blends perfectly with data to add zing to our campaigns. It's no secret that our top priorities have always been robust relationships and solid results.

Transparent Reporting

Every client is assigned a social media marketer who shares a meticulously crafted monthly progress report. Our dedication to transparency means we keep you constantly updated on the progress and performance of your campaigns. Plus, with access to a real-time portal, track your growth whenever curiosity strikes!

Driving Success Home

Are you scouring for a Canadian-based social media marketing service provider? Start and end the hunt with us. Our proficiency in shaping and executing standout campaigns and our knack for enhancing local SEO efforts make us the first choice for brands seeking fruitful results.

A Data-Driven Delight

Data fuels our social media marketing manager's every decision, driving your campaign from conceptualization to execution. With data at the helm, we guide your brand to a robust and lucrative online presence.

We Wear the White Hat

In the world of Calgary's social media companies, we proudly don the white hat - an emblem of ethical and transparent practices. As a trusted influencer agency in Calgary, we build success correctly, ensuring we never jeopardize your reputation for a quick win.

Prompt is our Middle-Name

Respecting the client's timeline is fundamental to any credible social media management and marketing service. While we often have Jedi-like foresight for any challenges, should anything go off-track, rest assured that we'll keep you in the loop. After all, knowing how to market your services on social media is part art, part science, and many quick reflexes!

Big Results Only Cost a Dime – Here's the Power of Our Paid Media Advertising

structure-social-media-with-colored-icons-in-calgary | Target Genius

Do you want to catch the digital wave in style without making a dent in your pocket? You're in the right spot! As a renowned social media marketing service company in Canada, we've got the skill, wit, and nifty pricing to amplify your brand message.


Understanding the benefits of social media marketing - from building a reputable brand image to turbo-charging your website traffic - we've got the perfect packages in our kitty. With our affordable social media marketing services, going big online is no longer confined to the deep pockets!


We've honed the art of delivering high-octane paid social media marketing services. Our secret sauce? Attentive targeting coupled with irresistible ad designs to capture your audience's attention at the right time.


We especially take pride in how our social media marketing services for small businesses have catalyzed growth. Far or near, 'social media marketing services near me' has got a new address with us. We've streamlined the process of pricing social media marketing services to cater to every budget size, ensuring you get the bang for every buck you invest. Now, that's how you ace the social media game!

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing in Calgary


Understanding Your Brand

We delve deep into your brand's unique attributes to create a social media strategy that resonates with your ethos.


Target Audience Analysis

We aim to understand and segment your target audience, ensuring we deliver relatable and engaging content.


Crafting Engaging Content

We believe in the power of quality content. Our creative team strives to craft captivating narratives to boost audience engagement.


Strategic Campaign Planning

We ensure your social media campaigns are meticulously planned and executed, aligning with your brand goals and customer expectations.


Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Our commitment extends beyond the campaign launch. We monitor performance and deliver comprehensive reports to guide future marketing decisions.

Amplify Your Brand with Influencer Marketing


Championing Your Brand

Influencer Marketing is about rallying key opinion leaders to broadcast your brand's narrative to a broader audience. It's like getting the 'who's who' to talk about you!


Influencer Meets social media

This approach is like a triple-decker sandwich, with social media and content marketing being the bread and butter. Our role as an influencer agency in Calgary is to ensure every bite, or in this case, every post, hits the sweet spot!


The stage for your story

Crucial to the campaign, the influencers wave your brand's flag on their personal social media handles. It's like showering confetti on their followers, except the confetti is all the fantastic things about your product or service.

Marketing plan in Calgary | Target Genius


Crafting Content with Influencers

Crucial to the campaign, the influencers wave your brand's flag on their personal social media handles. It's like showering confetti on their followers, except the confetti is all the fantastic things about your product or service.


Myriad Marketing Techniques

Though housed within influencer campaigns, content and social media marketing don their hats for different roles, complementing each other but not replacing them. As your social media marketing manager, we choreograph this dance in the digital marketing arena, ensuring each technique shines in its light.


Learning how to market your services on social media using Influencers just got a lot easier!

Expand Your Online Tribe with Our Community Management Services

side-view-people-working-together-in-calgary | Target Genius

In the digital realm, community management is the nurturing soil for your brand's online ecosystem. It's about so much more than just watering; it's about maintaining an environment where your online community grows and thrives.


As your trusty sidekicks in social media marketing services, we've packed our toolbelt with premium marketing tools. Think of us as proficient gardeners, ensuring your online communities bloom to their fullest potential.


Our role involves supporting your social media campaigns with a firm yet gentle touch. We've covered it, from developing tantalizing social media content to generating well-informed content strategies. And hey, let's not forget social listening (our ears are perked 24/7)!


Our crew is dedicated to maintaining long-term engagement, so we craft our services to fit neatly into every type of growth plan.


It doesn't stop there: we geek out on data analysis big time! Reporting is our bread and butter, helping us pave the way to more tremendous online success for your brand.


Want the best part? Our social media marketing services pricing won't dig a hole in your pocket. Now, that's what we call affordable social media marketing services! So, are you ready to sow the seeds of online triumph together?


Dive Into the Numbers - Analytics and Reporting Services

Tracking Success Metrics

We utilize potent analytics tools to measure the fruits of your campaigns. We keep a keen eye to map out success trends and indicators for continuous improvement.

Understanding Audience Behavior

Analytics aren't just numbers! They're a window to your audience's behavior. This insight lets us fine-tune your social media strategies, ensuring maximum engagement.

Translating Raw Data

Complex data sets are broken down into easily digestible information. We invest time in understanding the narratives behind the numbers and convert them into actionable insights.

Paid Reach Analysis

Paid campaigns can offer valuable insights. Our periodic analyses help identify the strengths and loopholes of your paid strategies, leading to improved ROI.

Detailed Reporting

Dealing with numbers can be daunting. Our reports, however, are detailed yet as precise as spring water, depicting a real-time picture of your campaign's performance.

Organic Growth Monitoring

Beyond paid efforts, we closely monitor the organic growth of your brand's social media presence. Identifying organic trends can significantly enhance your social media strategy, bringing in lasting success.

By creating a structured and systematic approach to analytics and reporting, we provide the clarity needed to see the impact of your investments. This procedure offers a powerful lens to view, evaluate and enhance all your social media efforts.

Push Boundaries of Success – Our Social Media Marketing Services Essential for Canadian Businesses.

As a Calgary social media marketing agency, we offer seamless marketing services tailored specifically for Canadian businesses. Buckle up as we guide you through the online cosmos.

First Stop – Understanding Your Business

Our journey starts with understanding your business intimately while appreciating the Canadian market dynamics. We always put our clients at the heart of our services. You know your business; we know social media. Together, we can create a powerful narrative.

Working Together Calgary | Target Genius
Marketing planning in calgary | Target Genius

Picking the Right Tools For Social Media Marketing Service

We're no ordinary social media marketing agency in Calgary. We understand the benefits of social media marketing like no other. Our expert team equips your business with the best social media marketing tools to start your digital adventure.

Your Partners on this Odyssey

In the crowded galaxy of social media marketing companies, we stand apart due to our unwavering commitment to our clients. We're just as invested as you are in your online success.

Fists in Solidarity | target Genius
Market Analysis Calgary | Target Genius

Customized Social Media Marketing Solutions by Target Genius

Small or big, every business has a place in the digital space. We offer affordable social media marketing services specially curated for small businesses. To us, every venture is invaluable.

Tailored to the Canadian Market

The Canadian digital landscape is unique and calls for a distinct approach. We craft strategies that harmonize your business with the Canadian audience, fostering a deep and lasting connection.


Our mission is to help you navigate the intriguing maze of social media, ensuring you always stay ahead in the game, turning heads and winning hearts! Contact us for our affordable subscription packages tailored to your needs.

Image by Jason Hafso

Target Genius: Generating Quality Leads through Our Calgary Social Media Marketing Service

In today's digital age, mastering the art of social media marketing is crucial for businesses seeking growth and success. At Target Genius, a leading social media marketing agency in Calgary, Canada, we're here to reveal the secrets of generating leads for your business through our exceptional Social Media Marketing Services.

As a leading Calgary social media marketing agency, we have mastered the art of generating quality business leads through our innovative and strategic social media marketing services. Let us share our secrets and show you how to market your services on social media, skyrocketing your success in the digital world!

Why Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become the ultimate playground for businesses to connect, engage, and convert customers. With 3.96 billion active social media users worldwide, can you afford to miss out?

pile-3d-popular-social-media-logos-calgary | Target Genius
social-media-marketing-concept-marketing-with-applications-in-calgary | Target Genius

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

In a world where billions of people are glued to their smartphones and social media platforms, having a solid online presence is non-negotiable. Your potential customers are scrolling through their feeds, searching for solutions to their problems, and discovering new products and services. It's your chance to shine!

Our Social Media Marketing Manager In Calgary – Your Secret Weapon

Let's introduce you to our team of experts who specialize in crafting effective social media marketing strategies. Our dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager is your ally in the world of hashtags, likes, and shares. Here's what they bring to the table:


  • Tailored Strategies: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Your business is unique, and so should your social media strategy. Our manager will create a personalized plan that aligns with your goals

  • Content That Converts: Engaging content is the heart of social media marketing. Our manager ensures your posts resonate with your audience, encouraging likes, comments, and shares.

  • Consistent Branding: We maintain a cohesive brand image across all social platforms, ensuring your audience recognizes and trusts your business.

social-media-graphic-calgary | Target Genius
Business Plan | Target Genius

4. Data-Driven Results

Performance Tracking: We monitor the performance of your social media campaigns and tweak strategies for optimal results.


5. Monthly Reporting:

You'll receive detailed reports on your social media performance and insights into your audience's preferences.

How to Market Your Services on social media: Our Approach

We understand that every business has different objectives and target audiences. That's why we take a holistic approach to social media marketing.


1. Research and Strategy Development

Audience Analysis: We deeply understand your target audience, interests, and behaviours.

Competitor Analysis: We monitor your competitors, ensuring your strategy stands out.


2. Content Creation and Management

Captivating Visuals: Our team creates eye-catching visuals and graphics to make your posts pop.

Engaging Copywriting: We write compelling, relatable captions that spark conversations.


3. Platform Optimization

Multi-Platform Presence: We ensure your business shines on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Regular Updates: Consistency is critical. We post regularly to keep your audience engaged.

Why Choose Target Genius?

Partnering with Target Genius, a social media marketing service company in Calgary, ensures you get more than likes and follows. You're getting a business growth partner who understands your needs and objectives.

With Our Calgary Social Media Marketing Agency, You Can:

Save Time and Resources

Let us handle your social media marketing while you focus on what you do best - running your business

Ahead of the Curve:

social media is constantly evolving. We stay updated with the latest trends to keep your strategy fresh and compelling.

Boost Your ROI

Our strategies are designed to drive leads and conversions, not just vanity metrics.


So, if you want to unlock the full potential of social media marketing and generate leads for your business, Target Genius is your go-to partner. We're not just experts but friendly faces eager to help your business thrive in the digital landscape. Contact us today, and let's discuss your social media success!

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